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Prague offers unforgettable dinenr experience - unfortunatelly in good and bad meaing :-) We want you to experience the best and aviod the worse ones.

We have selected for you the restaurants offering the great cuisine experence and good ratio: value for the money. We also choose restaurants with unique view, local style, historical image, places with the genius loci.

Rick Steves Enjoying the Czech Beer

Guide Sarka and clients enjoing the free of charge time (after a 4 hour tour). You can stop being "the tourist" and become friend!

Czech Cuisine

The traditional Czech cuisine is really tasteful but not very healthy. The most traditional is "knedlo, vepro, zelo" - pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. Very delicate taste has "svícková" the cream sauce with beef. More picant can be "gulas" - the goulash. Czech if famous for our huge portions, try "veprove koleno" - pork knee or the "pecena kachna" - roast duck. Popular site dish are "knedliky" - soft dumplings and also "bramboraky" the potato pancakes. The sweet dishes offer the fruit filled dumplings, "buchticky se sodo"- leavened cakes with the vanilla sauce, "palacinky" - crepes with filling or the apple strudel. If you like to experiment, try the very smelly cheese "olomoucky syr" or pub dish "utopenec" = the drown one, the pickled sausage. The best drink is of course beer. Dark beer is sweeter. The best wines come from south Czech - Morava. You can get a good lunch in Prague for 150 CZK (6 USD) up to 1000 CZK (50USD).


Let us know ahead if we shall book a table in some restaurant for you. For our clients we do the booking service free.

If you are not decided, you can leave the booking after your arrival. But if you find some of the restaurant interesting, we would rather recommend to book it ahead (it can happen they would be totally booked 5 days ahead). We recommend to book the restaurant table ahead especially if you are a group of 4 or more, or if you want any special tabel (with the wie, close to the piano ...)

You can fimd more information about restaurants, tipping .... at our web, in the section "Prague Secrets"

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