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We try to choose only the most important Prague and Czech news important for the forein travelers. We also include the information that travelers frequently ask about in their emails.

Our list of the news is however not complete. There are many info websites delivering fresh news from Prague, we can recommend:

Radio Praha - life radio and podcasts
The Prague Post - English lang. newspaper
Heart of Europe - lists of cultural events
Prague events calendar - all kind of events

(None of the info websites presenting the Czech news is complete. We recommend to check more of them to get the complete info background.)

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Prague News

Castle - Golden lane, National Technical Museum

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Prague News

Our favorite info sources

The Prague Post - The Czech Republic's English-language news
Radio Praha News and info in english. Is listening more comfortable for you?(My favorite :-)
The heart of Europe - The Prague culture guide - Music, Theaters, Museums, Galleries, Antiques. Prague events calendar The Prague events guide
All year round calendar

Prague’s Golden lane reopening in June

It’s one of the most Romantic places in the Czech capital. With its charming row of tiny houses built in the Mannerist style Prague’s Golden Lane attracts visitors from near and far. A year ago Prague’s Golden Lane had to be closed for extensive renovation work since the houses lining it were under threat from an antiquated 19th century rainwater drainage system.
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Reconstructed, great exhibition - National Technical Museum

Amazing museum for the little and "big boys" :-) with old planes, tranes, cars, astronomy instruments act. The collections of the National Technical Museum comprise approximately 50.000 filing items and contain many-times higher number of individual objects.
National Technical Museum

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Czech Republic News

Veltrusy , Český Krumlov, Karlštejn

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Czech Republic News

Veltrusy Chateau

Six years ago, in 2002, Veltrusy Chateau was devastated when massive floods hit the country. Now they have finished the renovations and next year 2012 will be reopened even the interior exhibition. The castle grounds boast a 300 hectare park along the Vltava River, with numerous paths leading among ancient trees to pavilions, a bridge or two and various monuments. Then of course, there is the chateau itself, highly valued as a gem of Baroque architecture. Get off the beaten path and visit these hidden gem during your tour of Terezin, Nelahozeves, Melnik.
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New Castle Museum at Český Krumlov

The exhibit is in the style of historical 19th century museum. The interiors are furnished with historical lights, restored Dutch stoves and replicas of old museum exhibition boxes.
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Golden chapel from 1360s

The precius chapel has been protected and closed in the past times and now they finally show it to more vistors. If you plan the visit, please mention it ahead - we will book the exact hour of the visit for you. They still keep the limited numbers of visitors.
Karlštejn castle

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