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Ever wished you had a friend in Europe who'd take you under the wing to show you around?

With the Personal Prague Guide® you can get the most of your visit to Prague. We always try to provide the best services. We believe that "the great guide makes the difference."

Our guides are big hearted LOCAL PEOPLE, knowledgeable and fully LICENSED, carefuly selected and trained. We love our work!

See our guides talking on YOU TUBE channel.

Enjoy fun during the tour

Personal care

Guides meetings and trainings

We tailor the tours to our clients

Meet people, become friends!

Why Personal Prague Guide®?

  • We do the tours from our heart!
  • Professional and friendly individual care for a reasonable price.
  • Carefully chosen quality licensed guides!
  • Our guides are well educated local people ("NO funky foreign students telling made-up stories" :-))
  • Freedom of choice. Start the tour any time and any place you like.
  • Your interests will shape the tour! No group to limit you.
  • The timing, stops, tempo and duration will depend on you.
  • Learn how to escape the tourist traps.
  • Get off of the beaten track.
  • There will be no group to rush you around, or slow you down.
  • Avoid the hell of the multilingual tours :-)
  • You can talk with your guide (and other local people) and ask questions.
  • Cross the boundary of the guide-books. Get involved!
  • You pay after the tour - so we must strive to keep the quality.


  • ILUSTRATED TIMELINE OF ARCHITECTURE and history (designed by Šárka)
  • DISCOUNT CARDS for quality museums and shops (e.g. Mucha, Kafka, Moser glass, Granát Turnov - original garnets, Lobkowitz palace)
  • ORIGINAL MAP of Prague - designed by Šárka, for independent sightseeing
  • BEST OF PRAGUE - current list of the best rated restaurants, theaters, shops ...
  • LANGUAGE CARD - Basic Czech words and phrases
  • GUIDE ACADEMY - continuous additional training of our guides and drivers
  • FREE PICK UP at your HOTEL - we will meet you any place you prefer.
  • PRAGUE BOOKMARKS - nice bookmark, souvenir.
  • SUPPORT CHARITY - Your money will save the local sites. Part of your money goes to the charity (direct donations) and history saving projects, e.g. discovery and preservation of a legendary and long lost church.

Booking Personal Prague Guide®

Details about the booking process at: Contact info
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OUR CHARITY - we let the good go around

Thanks to our small company, we live happily and we have decided to return the positive energy, so that "the good can go around" :-)

We support:

Legendary St. Wenceslas Rotunda in the Lesser Town from the 11th century. Save the precious Prague architecture!
It has been miraculously discovered only recently (in 2004). Once again - the legend has proven to be a true. We especially admire the old Romanesque flooring. These beautiful tiles rank among the oldest type of medieval terra-cotta floors!
Our Rotunda project of Charles University
Video about legendary rotunda of st. Wenceslas
We are happy to anounce this project was succesfully finished and the St. Wenceslas Rotunda has been saved and preserved for the future generations. We are very proud and happy to be the part of this project! Participiants who donated higher amout were invited to the celebrating meeting and we have even received a copy of the precious beautiful tiles. (It is in my home budhist altar now.)

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