We will be happy to arrange a tailormade tour of the area where your ancestors lived for you. We can help you with the family research and prepare the tour of your ancestral town.

If you plan this tour, please LET US KNOW ALL THE DETAILS YOU KNOW about your ancestors: names of people, names of the houses, dates, copies of the documents, family strories, nicknames, occupations, hobbies, family jokes etc. Every little detail might be helpful and lead to the succesful discovery of your Czech family.

We can arrange these services for you:

  • Genealogy research (we can translate your family letters or other documents, search the Czech internet, send emails in Czech language to the local people of the same family name living in the area, make local telephone calls and ask about the family name).
  • Find info about the current family members, friends …
  • Arrange a tailormade private Genealogy Tour.
  • Arrange visits of the regional archives (reserve the necessary books ahead), Town Halls (make sure they expect you), birth registers, Church registers.
  • Arrange reunions with the local people who are related to you (or at least people who can tell stories about your ancestors).
  • Translate letters written by you or your new Czech friends.
  • Find the history of the town and area and send you the information and the web links.

Please choose what kind of genealogy reserch and tour should we arrange for you.


Recomended duration: 3 hours
Price from: 500 CZK (22 EUR) per hour

We cooperate with a top professional genealogist to provide the genealogy research for a very reasonable price.


Minimal duration: 5 hours
Price from: 6 500 CZK

We will be happy to arrange a tailormade tour of the area where your ancestors lived.