Follow the steps of the ancient kings and stroll down the Royal Route of Prague!

Our tours go through the historical areas where you will see the most important sites, but you can get off the beaten track and see the hidden places any time you like.

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The quality personal guide will design the itinerary to meet your interests. Every tour is a unique experience. Your opinion, wishes and interests will shape the tour!

Please choose ahead
the time frame and transfer means.
Let us know what would you prefer:
    2x 3-5 hours, detailed tour of Prague in two half days
    this itinerary is highly recomended by local guides!
    3-5 hours, get the overview and skip the details
    6-8 hours, detailed tour if time is limited
    2-3h, short entertaining tour of your interest,
  • LUXURY TOUR – indulge yourself with unique luxurious experience, top quality places, luxury car, feel like royals
  • ALL IN ONE PRAGUE TOUR – for a little extra fee include the tram, a boat, a local lunch, brewery and beer tasting
  • WALKING TOURS are recomended in Prague
  • DRIVING TOUR – we can also arrange: car, minivan, bus

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You can choose during the tour:
  • leave out or add some details such as interiors of the sites, museums, vantage points, breweries, churches, galleries, markets, shops…
  • stop for food and drinks in good restaurants, or relax any time you like
  • walking, using public transport or a taxi


Charles Bridge
– Šárka, heart and owner – English
Wenceslas’ Square
– Marek, guide – English
Paris Street and Jewish Ghetto
– Bára, guide – English
Strahov Monastery and Library
– Katarína, guide and driving guide – English
Municipal House
– Iva, guide – Italian language

Helpful websites

A virtual tour of Prague – Presented by the Tourist Service of the Czech Republic.

Prague Information Service – The official Prague information service.

PRAGUE CASTLE – “The crown of Prague”

Minimal duration: 2 hours
YouTube: Strahov monastery and Library VIDEO TOUR

Visit the majestic Prague Castle with its dominant gothic St. Vitus cathedral, three courtyards, Chapel of the Holy Cross, …

LITTLE QUARTER – “The dreaming town”

Minimal duration: 1 hour

From the castle we will walk down through the quaint Little Quarter full of aristocratic renaissance and baroque houses, wonderful palaces and churches. …

CHARLES BRIDGE – “Feel the pure magic”

Minimal duration: 1 hour

Charles Bridge – VIDEO TOUR

We will promenade across the oldest bridge in Prague, the Charles bridge, decorated with 30 old picturesque statues …

PRAGUE JEWISH TOWN – “The precious heritage”

Minimal duration: 1 hour

You tube: Paris Street and Jewish Town – VIDEO TOUR

Here we will immerse into Jewish town – Josefov, with the oldest active Synagogue in Europe, the Old Jewish Cemetery …

OLD TOWN – “The heart of Prague”

Minimal duration: 1,5 hour

YouTube: Municipal House – Italian language VIDEO

Entering the Old Town through the black Powder Gate, notice the pearl of Art Nouveau – the representative Municipal House. … Take time and observe the amazing Astronomical Clock

NEW TOWN OF PRAGUE – “Nowadays Prague”

Minimal duration: 1 hour

Click and watch YouTube: Wenceslas’ Square – VIDEO

The modern heart of Prague is the square where the Velvet Revolution took place in 1989 – the Wenceslas Square. …