“The precious heritage”

Minimal duration: 1 hour

Here we will immerse into Jewish Town – Josefov, with the oldest active Synagogue in Europe, the Old Jewish Cemetery (also Europe’s oldest surviving), and the birth place of the mysterious writer Franz Kafka. Take note of the Jewish town hall clock which has hands that run backwards! We learn about the rabbi Jehuda Löw Benzalel, who made the mysterious creature Golem.

If you like to see more details in this area – we can enter the Prague Jewish museum. Exhibition is located in the 4 synagogues and the cemetery. You can see here the Europe’s biggest collection of sacred Jewish artifacts (3 hours tour, entry fee 330CZK). Ironically, most of the collections were created under Nazi occupation, when Jewish people were transported to concentration camps and left their property behind. Instead of a flower, do not forget to bring a stone to the Old Jewish Cemetery.