My name is

Šárka [Sharka] Kačabová

I established and direct the project “Personal Prague Guide” with the motto: The quality services for a reasonable prices are the best advertising!

I always strive to make sure that the visitors get the most of their stay in Prague!

2.17 I welcome your questions at:
Windows 11Phone: +420 777 225 205


YouTube VIDEO – Sarka on the Charles Bridge »

First clients Bob and Nancy Hall. He inspired me to establish this company.

I got married in February 2007.

My daughter Eva was born in 2008 and son Jakub in 2011.

I love history, art, sightseeing and yoga.

My secret passion are drums, shamanizm and intuitive wilde dance 😀

Home Address:

Šárka Kačabová
Slunečná 416
Králův Dvůr
267 01
Czech Republic

About Šárka Kačabová

“I try to treat whoever I meet as an old friend. This gives me a genuine feeling of happiness.”

– Dalai Lama

I was born in 1977 and I lived in the little local village – Karlštejn, so I know a lot about the traditions and customs of Czech people. I graduated at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, at the College of Arts.

I have worked as a Licensed Prague guide in English and Spanish language since 1999, because I like the fairytale beauty of Prague, architecture, art, history and sightseeing.

I always strive to make sure that the visitors get the most of their stay in Prague, understand the city and people, get the feeling of insiders. I’m always carrying some maps, books, pictures. My friends say I am “deadly” creative 🙂 I even design my own Prague maps, bookmarks and illustrated architecture charts for your greater enjoyment of the tour. I LOVE FUN 🙂

You can stop being a tourist and become a guest and friend.

Daughter Eva was born in 2008, son Jakub in 2011

We are all happy and healthy! Thank you for all the cards, quilts and presents you have sent us. All my family was touched by such friendliness coming from across the seas! 🙂 And thank you for the Christmas presents – my kids love to learn English!

We do a lot of sightseeing with my kids and I discover new details for the itineraries of our company tours. To survive the stress and never-ending work commitment, I try to do more yoga and meditations and I feel that life is a wonderful miracle :-). … May all the beings be happy!

The covid times – shine in spite of the darknes!

In the covid times I did a lot of tours for my Czech friends and we enjoyed a lot of fun. But we seriously missed our international clients!

I have also established a small Happy Yoga Studio studio and got chance to enjoy another dream job – the yoga couching. It brings me a lot of energy and health.

The Phoenix rebirth

Thanks to the support of our clients and Rick Steves zoom calls, we trusted in the return of he tourist industry and we continue he company to these days. We create new tours as a food tour or a movie tour. I am greatfull that I live very happy life.

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💙 OUR CHARITY – we let the good go around 💙

Thanks to our small company, we live happily and we have decided to return the positive energy, so that “the good can go around” 🙂 We support:

The New organ for the castle cathedral
St. Vithus cathedral needs a new organ. Everybody is welcomed to buy one flute. We used part of the money that clients paid us and donate it into this project. Together we create the new musical instrument.

Legendary St. Wenceslas Rotunda in the Lesser Town from the 11th century. Save the precious Prague architecture!
It has been miraculously discovered only recently (in 2004). Once again – the legend has proven to be a true. We especially admire the old Romanesque flooring. These beautiful tiles rank among the oldest type of medieval terra-cotta floors!
Our Rotunda project of Charles University
Video about legendary rotunda of st. Wenceslas

We are happy to anounce this project was succesfully finished and the St. Wenceslas Rotunda has been saved and preserved for the future generations. We are very proud and happy to be the part of this project! Participiants who donated higher amout were invited to the celebrating meeting and we have even received a copy of the precious beautiful tiles. (It is in my home budhist altar now.)

One More Day for Children – a registered small Non-Governmental Foundation. They try to secure, protect and improve the lives of children (especially to the invisibles) from rural and slum areas in the Republic of Kenya. They build schools and hospitals, save 5 years old girls from forced marriages and much more.
One More Day for Children

I would be happy if you feel inspired and support these organisations too. Thank you ♥