Recomended duration: 3 hours
Price from: 500 CZK (12 EUR) per hour

We cooperate with an experienced profesional genealogist to provide the genealogy research. He can provide professional research reports, family trees, charts to illustrate relationships, the full quotation of all sources used, digital copies of the archive materials, pictures of the old local houses …

We also focus on finding the living relatives and getting connected with them. We search the name at current Czech language websites, sport teams, clubs, telephone lists, companies and often find living relatives.

Our aim is to learn more about your ancestors and present relatives, introduce you to their town and establish new friendships that can provide a longterm source of information for you.

Sometimes, our family tours get very successful (we meet some friends or members of the family, they get connected and the friendship goes on…). It is so touching to see relatives meeting after so many years!
But sometimes we just visit the place, take a lot of pictures, speak with some local people and learn more about the town and area.

Once the research work will reach 3 hours (1 500 CZK, 70 EUR) we will stop, let you know the results and ask for your permission to continue. So you will always have the final price under control. Usually 3 hours are enough for the genealogist to provide the sufficient information backgroud for a meaningful genealogy tour. If you like his work, you can ask him later to create the whole family tree for you.