About Prices

We offer the best quality for resonable price and extra services for free.

We keep the prices low, but pay a good money to the guides and drives, so they work hard.

We limit our expenses: no paid advertising, do not rent expensive office, payments go directly to the guides.

Our company is a Family business - we create our maps, flyer and website with the help of our friends and family (low cost :-).

We can arrange any kind of the transfer!

Our guides get schoolings and trainings.


The great value of the Personal Prague Guide®

  • You will get free: Original map designed for independent sightseeing, Pocket Czech language card, Original picture architecture chart, Souvenir bookmarks, Discount cards for museums and shops, List of the great restaurants, theaters, shops ...etc.
  • We offer time free of charge, to relax over a coffee and answer your questions.
  • Charity projects. Together we help to save the history sites.
  • No booking fees.
  • Emailing and concierge service for free.
  • Daily 8:00-22:00 reservation and help service on the mobile phone: +420 777 225 205 (manager Šárka)


The prices are fixed in CZK (Czech Koruna). If you pay in EUR/US the amount depends on current exchange rates. You can pay after the tour directly to your guide or ahead via PayPal.

Payment methods

Preferred payment: local CZK cash at the end of the tour

Clients usually prefer to pay the tour at the end of the travel service directly to the guide. We have some bad experience with fake credit cards and non payers - so we prefer cash payments.  We are sorry we do not accept credit cards.

Other option: PayPal payment

If you prefer to pay by the PayPal just let us know or click the button "Send request". Please note that PayPal takes about 5% fee from the total amount. We kindly ask you to pay this additional fee, as our prices are rock bottom and we have no funds to pay the PayPal fees. Thank you for understanding!
We will send you: 1) the final calculation, 2) our invoice, 3) the money request from our PayPal service. Please respect this procedure to prevent problems. All the process usually takes 1-3 days. If you pay ahead, please read the cancelation rules.

Other option: sending the money to the bank account

If you prefer, you can wire the money ahead to our company account at the reliable Czech bank. It cost some money for wiring the money (about 3-5%), we are sorry but we can not share those extra expenses. All the process usually takes 7-10 days.

To send the money to our account you will need following info:
Info about Sarka:
Name: Sarka
Surname: Kacabova
Address: Slunecna 416, Kraluv Dvur 267 01

Dates about our bank:
Account number - IBAN form: ---
Czech Republic
Do not forget the swift code of our bank (BIC):  ---
NOTE THIS DETAIL: We do not charge any overheads and keep "rock bottom" prices ... so  we can not pay the fee for the money transfer (from your bank to our bank). It must be covered by you.

Cancelation rules

If you pay cash after the tour, there is no need to pay any booking fees.

If you decide to pay ahead (via PaPal or sending the money to our account), please respect these rules:

  1. If you decide not to pay cash. We kindly ask you to pay all the agreed price ahead. We will provide the travel services only if  all the payment will be really present at our account  at least 1 day before your arrival. (Bigger groups groups even earlier, depending on the program.)
  2. Following Cancellation Fees will be charged:
    • If you cancel 7-2 days before order realization: 30 % of the price will be charged
    • If you cancel 48-0 hours before order realization: 80 % of the price will be charged

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