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We customize our services to give you exactly the vacation you are searching for. Your interests will shape the tour! info VIDEO

We are local people and licensed guides! Our tours are for the passionate travelers looking for a break away from the tourist crowds. Any group might limit your experience. We offer unusual personalized itineraries and relaxed private tours. Clients rate them as informative, enjoyable and fun.

Our philosophy: Our services must be so excellent, that the clients will recommend us!

We can arrange any kind of vehicle!

Budget and fun - tours by the local train.


You do not have to do the sightseeing in a big organized groups and obey tight schedules. Free your spirit and open your heart. Meet the local people and trully understand the local history, customs, dreams and fears of local people. Your wishes and interests will shape the tour!

Free pick up at the hotel. We always start with the "info session" = You get 10 minutes free of charge! Discuss your ideas and our experience over the map. Then our guide provides the tailore made private tour. Clients pay at the end directly to the guide. (If you prefer, you can pay ahead.) At the end we sit down, draw into the maps and answer your questions. Moreover, if you take our Prague Walking Tour we offer you 30 minutes free of charge if you do at least 4 hour tour. We will give you a picture-architecture time line and a special map for independent sightseeing. All designed exclusivelly for our clients.

Booking Personal Prague Guide®

Details about the booking process at: Contact info

Transport for the tours

Our Prague tours are mostly walking tours, because the historical areas of Prague are open only for the pedestrians and the sights are very near each other. If we need any transport we can use a very cheap public transport service (you will learn how to be independent in Prague) or use reliable AAA Taxi (200CZK = 10-15US). You can decide even during the tour.

This way you do not have to pay the all day rent for the car and a driver (mostly waiting in the car).

We can easily arrange a private car, the minibus, or the bus of any size. For the countryside tours I always choose the company that offers the most reasonable prices for a quality service.

Entry fees and meals

Our prices usually do not cover any entry fees or meals. We try to give the freedom of choice to the client. You can easilly buy all the tickets at the sights. Except two places where usually only history buffs want to go: Prague Strahov Library and Karlštejn chapel - these must be booked ahead.


Tours are available in any language: English, Spanish, German, Česky, Slovensky, French, Italian, Russian, Holland ...

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