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Prague has been the capital of the Czech lands for eleven hundred years."PRAHA" - in the Czech language - used to be the political and cultural heart of Europe for centuries, the central crossroad of the ancient trade routes, the centre of Holy Roman Empire in 14th century, a safe place during the constant Turkish attacks on Austria.
Prague was not destroyed in WW2 and it wasn`t changed into modern image due to the communist insolvency. That is why this city is full of beautiful historical buildings and interesting sights.

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Prague consists of five historical towns and a ring of modern suburbs. The historical sights of interest are in the centre, very near to each other, so the best way to explore and really enjoy the charming atmosphere of Prague is by walking. Prague is quite a safe place, so you can promenade along the streets at any time of the day or night. On the other hand, in the old narrow streets it's easy to get lost and most of the maps and signs are in Czech! Eastern Europe still has many secrets that are not mentioned in guide books.

Discover Prague in a company of local friendly person who is communicative and knowledgeable. If you want to know Prague better than the mainstream tourists, the best investment is your personal guide. As you pay per hour, the time is yours and you can walk leisurely, stop for pictures, refreshments, or walk briskly to see as much as possible. The choice is yours!

When is the best time to visit Prague?

Very pleasant and less crowded are: March, April and October. From May to September we have the top season. If you insist on the warm weather, than try the less crowded weeks: mid of June, or last week of August. In the winter time (December, January and February) Prague gets significantly less crowded, cheaper and so romantic with the snow. But it feels a bit cold and some countryside castles are closed. Due to the global warming we have had a very warm winters recently, so you can enjoy a pleasand sightseeing even in the Winter time!
The most hot, crowded and expensive time in Prague is July and August, these months are better for touring out of Prague. Remember you are not the only one who travels "of season" so even May and September can surprise you with crowded streets.

How many days shall you plan?

Give yourself at least 3 days to fully enjoy the town of Prague and 2 days to explore the Czech countryside. To see the best Czech Republic sights and attractions would take at least 2 weeks. Once you are in the heart of Europe – Prague you can easily see more of Europe during the one day trip (Dresden, Vienna, Salzburg, etc.)

How to avoid the crowds?

The famous sights as the Castle, Jewish Museum, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, get really crowded from 10 am to 3 p.m.. If you want to avoid it: Wake up early and see the bridge (before 9 am), do some sightseeing and than just rest in some peaceful garden or on Petrín hill, visit some gallery, enjoy the boat tour, visit the sights out of the centre as Troja or Zbraslav chateaux, Vyšehrad castle, Břevnov monastery. Even a nap in your hotel is better than overcrowded streets ... than continue the sightseeing of the centre after 3pm. With your personal guide you can of course learn how to use the secret streets and avoid the crowds even during the midday.

Important advice

  • Never change money in the street, it is dangerous - fake money, criminal offense! Use a bank or ATM ("bankomat"). The best rates are usually offered at the exchange bureau on the corner of Kaprova and Maiselova Street.
  • The Emergency number is 112 from any telephone (free of charge).
  • Prague demands to be wandered through, so bring some comfortable shoes.
  • Use the cheap and efficient public transport service. Tickets for 32 CZK (2 USD) are sold in tobacco kiosks, metro stations, etc. They cannot be purchased directly on vehicle! Fares info
  • Taxi mafia - drivers tend to overprice. Taxis ordered through a dispatcher are cheaper. Reputable Taxi AAA, phone: 14 0 14, out of Prague - call 222 333 222. Taking taxi in the street always ask for a receipt ahead, check if they switch on the taximeter and say some word in Czech. The fare must be marked in the car. Usual prices: 1 km – 22 CZK, from airport to hotel 500-700 CZK, from hotel to Prague Castle 200-300 CZK.
  • Winter time visit - do bring winter clothes, gloves, cap, scarf, warm socks etc.
  • Prevent a pickpockets opening your bags - use little lock, underwear wallet, etc. Watch your valuables anywhere you feel trapped in crowds.
  • Small calculator may be very helpful (converting currency, kilometers, Celsius).
  • Make sure your appliance (hairdryers, camera charges, laptops, etc.) have a switch to change the voltage to 220V! If you need a converter - come prepared.
  • Avoid the tourist traps. Restaurants and shops located near the famous sights (Charles Bridge, Astronomical clock, Castle) are usually the most expensive.
  • To receive a package of free maps and brochures contact the local Czech Tourist Authority. For USA travelers - send a check for $5 for the postage to: Czech Tourist Authority, 1109 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10028. You can also reach them by phone 212-288-0830.
  • Whatever guide you hire - remember to ask about "the official guide license".
    WARNING: Do not get cheated
    by the non-educated "free tour" guides who provide funky show in a loud voice, but often fake information about Prague. :/

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