“Janka” was born in Slovakia, but moved to Prague when started to attend the Charles University. Now she’s been here long enough to became a real „Praguer“ and to guide you beyond the ordinary tour paths. Furthermore, as a Slovakian, she can bring you another point of view on former Czechoslovakia and its dividing two decades ago.
Even though Jana is studied historian, you can bet on her presentation for not being some boring academic lecture. She is true professional guide with a drive! Jana is licenced guide of Prague, Prague‘s Jewish town and the tour guide of the Czech Republic. Besides this official prove of her guiding competences, she tries to be in touch with the city persistently, in order to improve her knowledge and bring the best experience to her tourists.
Jana’s goal is to see smiling and contented people by the end of her tour. She is licenced professional guide and while being studied historian, her style is way off those boring academic lectures. And most of all – Jana is in love with Prague.

Janka is our “Hotel-advisor“. She monitors the great accommodation for the best prices and deals discounts for our clients. She personally visits the hotels. We do only the consultation and discount dealing service. Clients pay the accommodation directly to the hotel (no middle man – you save the money).

If you need a local opinion – please contact our hotel advisor Janka Michalcová hotelinfo@personalpragueguide.com

Janka is our Facebook chief editor. You can see her work at:

Specialist for

This guide can do all our tours very well, moreover she is a specialist for: WWII, Jewish Town, Prague Castle and our beautiful Cathedral of Saint Vitus