Renata is an empathetic, reliable and friendly person. Very knowledgeable and communicative tour guide who makes the tours interesting and fun.
Renata grew up exploring the streets of Prague with her parents. She traveled extensively around Europe, North America, and Asia. She earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism and the professional accreditation as a Prague tour guide. After living abroad in America and in Great Britain, she passed her international English certificate.

Renata has previously worked as a customs officer for the Czech government, a flight attendant with Czech Airlines, a hotel receptionist, and an English teacher in Prague. She then took a job as a tour guide, and found that it is something she loves to do. “Reny” conducts various tours: overviews, Best of Prague and the Prague’s hidden gems (fascinating places away from the crowds), Prague legends, and ghost tours.

Specialist for

She specializes in tours for families with children. She can do very eeficient Prague All Day tours, Prague on a Budget tours … She also loves to take clients to various castles, towns, and other attractions outside of Prague.