Veronika started to work as a professional tourist guide at a very young age and she loves that job. She was only 16 when she started to attend the specialized courses to become a licensed guide. During her studies at the University she already accompanied many tourists in Prague in English and German languages. She also prepared and organized study programs for students from german cities. Prague is the excellent place to learn about the history, architecture, sculptures, literature and all the culture. It is a gallery under the open sky!

Because of her studies in the USA where she attended local High School in Minnesota, she later worked for several companies who carried services for tourists from America. Veronika is today mother of two sons who are her big darlings, her boys are smart, funny and love life the same as she does. Together with her husband Honza, who spent two years in New York, they love to travel. 

Veronika likes to get to know people and most of all what she loves is to share the beauties of her native town – PRAGUE.  

 In Prague she will show you from all her heart not only the historical attractions but also the places you can enjoy your free time – for example our local pubs because it is like not being in Prague if you do not taste a bit of our local beer.

Nice and cozy restaurants with a roasted duck with red and white cabbage together with two kinds of dumplings. She knows good places to have good quality coffee and ice creams. She can make the tour walk attractive for your kids as well. She will recommend you places what suit you and your kids – local parks, toy stores, chocolate workshops etc. She always does her best according to your wishes.