“Local crafts and history”

4 hours
One way drive: 30 min.
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Visit the famous Bohemian glass factory Rückl, located in Nižbor town, and see the amazing process of glass making (40 min excursion, entry fee 120 CZK includes also a small glass gift!). Due to safety reasons everybody has to join group tours organized by the factory. They determine the tour time in the factory sections. This big factory in Nižbor is closed on Sa & Su.
On the way back you can visit a smaller art glassworks – GlasStar Nenačovice, focused on glass coloring and glass art. The workshop is only one small barn with two owens and two artists – a family business. They even made a glass memorial of Indira Ghandi for the residence of the Indian Prime Minister. (The workshop is 10 min away by driving, 30 minutes excursion, entry free.) In this small family workshop you can even make your own piece of glass. There is also a very priceworthy factory shop. Open 7 days a week.
We highly recommend to combine this tour with the Karlštejn castle tour! … Get to know an important part of Czech history, the traditional local crafts and see our beautiful countryside, inhabited by Celtic, Germanic and subsequently Slavic people through thousands of years. The entire area is a protected Nature reserve.

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Create various tour combinations with the glassworks: Karlštejn castle, caves, local market in Beroun… Make your trip unique and get the most of the day! Choose the tour combination listed below and let us know about your interests.

These tour combinations are very interesting, they usually take 7-8 hours and cost a bit more.
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Karlštejn castle and Glassworks

The impressive high gothic style castle was founded in 1348 as the royal treasury for the imperial crown jewels. You can see the medieval residential rooms of the emperor Charles IV. Walk around the castle yards and walls. We also recommend the visit of the precious “golden” Chapel of the Holy Cross – it is necessary to book the tickets ahead (open only 1.6. – 31.10.).
Walking down from the castle we can enjoy the local village full of galleries and shops.

Karlštejn castle
Nature Reserve Český Kras – Czech Karst

Karlštejn and Beroun town (markets on Sa, Su) and Glassworks

The old town of Beroun is attractive for its historical sights and the local “untouristy atmosphere”. (Šárka`s current home town.) The dominant features are: the neo-renaissance Town Hall, medieval gates, overrests of the city walls, moat and bulwarks from the 14th century. The town is famous for its ceramics fairs (around 8 May and 18 October). (15 min drive from Karlštejn)
The regular Local Market takes place on every We & Sa, from 7 am to noon. You can get there anything from local vegetables and handmade products to the “flee market stuff” and cheap clothes from Vietnamese shops.
Every first and third Saturday of the month – Farmers market with the local products (cheese, wine, honey, sausages, bread …

Royal town Beroun

Křivoklát castle and Glassworks

The gothic castle Křivoklát is located in deep forests 20 minutes away from Karlštejn. It is one of the oldest and most important royal castles of Bohemia. It once used to also be an infamous prison. The interior tour takes 60 minutes (entrance fee 160 CZK) and includes the magnificent castle chapel, the Royal Hall and the Hall of Knights, the library, the picture gallery, the prison and torture chamber with torture instruments.

Křivoklát – the hidden castle


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