National Park Tour – Českosaské Švýcarsko

9-11 hours
One way drive: 1,5 hours
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In the deep woods of Bohemia, sometimes it’s so peaceful time seems to stop. That is the real experience of the Pravčická gate. For generations, it has attracted nature lovers with its magic. When you stand under this stone arch you are amazed by its size. The dimensions of Pravčická Gate are impressive, but when seen close up, it is truly amazing. The arch spans nearly 80 feet! It is 48ft high, 23ft wide, the minimum thickness is 9ft and the top flat is 63 ft above the ground. At the entrance of thePravčická gate, there are trails and stairs leading to several view points high above the tree tops from where you can observe the gate or enjoy other beautiful views and vistas.

The Pravčická Gate is the largest natural stone bridge on our continent and a natural monument of our country. It is considered the most beautiful natural form in Bohemian Switzerland and it’s a symbol of the entire area. The natural beauty of the lanscape with romantic corners and amazing lookout points are attractive for anyone who likes traditional hiking and tourist activities.

To make your tour more pleasant, your guide will meet you at the hotel at 8:00 am (recommended departure time, but it’s up to you). One way drive to the National Park takes about 1,5 hr. You can discuss the plans for the day and all your questions during the drive. Upon your arrival, the driver will drop you off in Hřensko, a small town which serves as a tourist centre of the region.
There are several hiking options out of Hřensko and your guide will explain the details during the drive. You can decide together with your guide which option will be the best for you – based on the lenght, difficulty, scenery etc. The hiking paths are very well marked and the marking is very reliable. The guide will also cary a map of the region. Major site in the Bohemian Switzerland is Pravčická brána, the beautiful rock bridge formation. There are also couple beautiful gorges (Edmundova soutěska), where you can ride a small boat.
The boat ride through the gorge can be incorporated into the day trip. Right by the Pravčická Gate, there is the Falcon’s Nest Hotel, a beautiful late 19th century Alpine style structure. A restaurant has been preserved inside, that has 19th century wooden walls, ceiling and décor. It’s one of the places where you can grab a lunch or snack during the day.

The fairy-tale movie: The Chronicles of Narnia was shot partly in this area. … Come to see tha fairy tale nature! 🙂

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