5-6 hours
One way drive: 60 minutes
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Český Šternberk is a wonderful castle founded in the 1240s in gothic style and rebuilt in the 18th century into a baroque residence. Nowadays it is owned and partly inhabited by the Sternberk family. What is unique on this castle is its massivness, the cylindric tower, the massive gable wall of the residential tower, which was the only construction of its kind in our country in the 13th century. The castle is very well situated and protected, it was almost impossible to conquer it in the past. The bipolar disposition of the castle is also very unusual. In the castle you can find interiors from 17th-18th century containing family portraits, art collections and a collection of graphic art from the period of the Thirty Years War. You can admire the rich stucco decorations of the rooms (made by an Italian artist Carlo Brentano – 17th century) as well as the collections of ancient furniture, porcelain and engravings.

Closed from 1.10. to 31.3 and on Mondays.

Sightseeing options

– Tour of the castle (50 minutes)

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KUTNÁ HORA and Český Šternberk

Local rich silver mines let the Kutná Hora town grow into Bohemia’s second most important city in medieval times. Walking along the old streets we can visit: the Italian Court – the former coin mint and temporary seat of Czech kings in the 15th century, the imposing gothic Cathedral of St Barbara. We can also see a museum with an alchemist laboratory. Do not miss the Ossuary in Sedlec – a church decorated with human bones.
The adventurers can enjoy the challenging excursion of the real old mine pit offered by the Czech silver museum (narrow, dark corridors, 20 min under ground). Note: necessary to book ahead! 🙂

Kutna Hora sites
Bone church – Ossuary
Museum of silver – Visit the old mine pit


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