The famous spa town

8-10 hours
One way drive: 2 hours
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The oldest Bohemia spa town founded in 14th century, visited by many famous people (Peter the Great, a Russian czar, J. S. Bach, G. Casanova, L. v. Beethoven, H. Fonda, …). Try the effect of natural thermal water, healing digestive problems, obesity, melancholy. Visit the Glassworks Moser factory that provides glass for famous people and royal families. The town and luxurious hotel Pupp was used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale and many others.

Sightseeing options

– Glassworks Moser (60 min.)
– Visit a spa and sauna (60 min)
– Shopping in the town
– Walk in the nature (60min)
– Chateau Bečov and The reliquary of St Maurus (60-80 min)

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Create various tour combinations with the Karlštejn castle: glassworks, caves, local market … Make your traveling unique and get the most of the day! Choose the tour combination listed bellow and let us know about your interests.

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RELIQUIARY OF ST. MAURUS, Chateau Bečov and Karlovy Vary

The romantic Chateau Bečov located near Karlovy Vary hides the precious reliquary of St Maurus – relic of the European significance. The wooden reliquary case is covered with lavish goldsmith’s adornments. It is the second most precious thing you can see in the Czech Republic (after the Czech crown jewels). It was made in the first quarter of the 13th century in Belgium to contain the mortal remains of St John the Baptist, St Maurus and St Timothy.

The reliquary of St Maurus


In the Middle Ages, Loket town was referred to as the key to the Kingdom of Bohemia. Now it is no longer a medieval fortress preventing anybody from entering, and the gates which grew rusty with time are open again.

The Town of Loket


Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) is a spa town in the Karlovy Vary Region. The town, surrounded by green hills, is a mosaic of parks and noble houses. Most of its buildings come from the town’s Golden Era in the second half of the 19th century, when many celebrities and top European rulers came to enjoy the curative carbon dioxide springs.

Marianske Lazne


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