5-6 hours
One way drive: 70 min.
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The renaissance Mělník chateau was a seat of the Czech queen widows. Under Emperor Charles IV Mělník became a royal town. In 1542 the Castle has been reconstructed in renaissance Style and richly decorated with sgrafitto patterning. The present owner Jiří Lobkowicz is carefully renovating the Castle. The wine region of Mělník has 360 cultivated hectares and it is the largest in Bohemia. It is situated on the south-facing slopes above the rivers Elbe, Vltava, with its particular micro-climate. Mělník forms part of the of the northern-most viticultural areas of Europe. The most famous Mělník wine is called Ludmila (after the first queen who lived here). Every end of September, the Wine harvesting festival is celebrated.

Tour by local public bus

Mělník can be easily reached by local public transport service. We will arrange the tickets, time schedules and our informative guide will make your trip a great experience.
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Sightseeing options

– Tour of the castle (40 minutes)
– Tour of the Castle’s Cellar from 14th Century (20 minutes)
– Wine tasting in the castle’s cellar and tour with the sommelir:
1) 30 min wine tasting
2) 1 hr wine tasting
3) 1.5 wine tasting

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NELAHOZEVES castle and Mělník

Nelahozeves is one of the nicest Renaissance castles in the Czech Republic, boasting precious collections of art (pictures, treasury, musical displays, collection of furniture, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, metalwork, manuscripts, arms and armor). A series of twelve period rooms feature the dining room, bedrooms, a music room, the Prince`s smoking room, the family chapel, rooms devoted to hunting and shooting. The castle was built in 1550s
The Nelahozeves village is the birthplace of the great Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák.

Nelahozeves castle
Antonín Dvořák Birth House

TEREZÍN and Mělník

Terezín is an 18th century military stronghold used by Nazis as the jail and the concentration camp for Jews from all Europe. Visit the former town of the Jewish ghetto with the Museum and the Lesser fortress that served as a prison for the Prague Gestapo. The Memorial to the victims of Nazism and the Holocaust has been established here as a memento of modern European history.

Terezín Initiative Institute


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