WW2 camp Theresienstadt

6-7 hours
One way drive: 70 minutes
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Terezín is an 18th century military stronghold used by Nazis as a Gestapo prison and a concentration camp for Jews from all Europe. Visit the former town of the Jewish ghetto with the Museum and the Small Fortress that served as a brutal prison for Czech opponents of the Nazi occupants. The Memorial to the victims of Nazism and the Holocaust has been established here as a memento of modern European history.

Tour by local public bus

Terezín can be easily reached by local public transport service. We will arrange the tickets, time schedules and our informative guide will make your trip a great experience.

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Sightseeing options

– Single ticket Small Fortress or Ghetto Museum
– Combined entrance: Small Fortress + Ghetto Museum + Magdeburg Barracks
– Family combined ticket (2 adults, 3 children)
– Crematorium with the Jewish cemetery and the Russian cemetery (entry free)
– Columbarium, Ceremonial Halls and Central Morgue (entry free)

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LIDICE and Terezín

The Lidice village became a symbol of Fascist despotism in World War II. In revenge for the assasination of the high ranking Gestapo and SS leader Reinhard Heydrich by Czechoslovak insurgents in 1942, Nazis killed 503 inhabitants of the Lidice village in 1942. All Lidice men were shot, women and children were poisoned by exhaust gas or sent to concentration camps. Then Nazis leveled down the village.
Stop here and pay a silent tribute to the innocent Lidice victims, and visit the museum where facts and documents of the Lidice tragedy are collected, the rose garden and the memorial site.

Lidice memorial


Nelahozeves is one of the nicest renaissance castles in the Czech Republic, boasting the precious collections of art (pictures, treasury, musical displays, collection of furniture, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, metalwork, manuscripts, arms and armor). A series of twelve historical rooms feature the dining room, bedrooms, a music room, the Prince`s smoking room, the family chapel, rooms devoted to hunting and shooting. The castle was built in 1550s.
The Nelahozeves village is the birthplace of the great Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák.

Nelahozeves castle
Antonín Dvořák Birth House


The renaissance Mělník chateau was a seat of the Czech queen widows. Under Emperor Charles IV Mělník became a royal town. In 1542 the Castle has been reconstructed in renaissance Style and richly decorated with sgrafitto patterning. The present owner Jiří Lobkowicz is carefully renovating the Castle.
You can visit the interior of the castle, walk around the local historical (non-touristy) town and enjoy a wine tasting (various lenght and price options).

The chateau
Mělník town
Wine tasting
Czech wine info


Litoměřice is a local town rich in history, which will enchant you with its presence. gothic, renaissance and baroque buildings stand to testify the historical glory of the Royal Town of Litoměřice. Out of 256 sites, 104 of them are listed in the state record of cultural real-estate monuments, and almost all of them are to found in the historical heart of the town, which for the most part is encircled by well-preserved Gothic fortifications.


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