“Ghosts, legends, Freemasons and mysteries”

Duration: 2-3 hours

Prague is famous for its fairytale flavor (the Golem monster, water sprites living under the bridge, morbid executions, ghosts, etc.). Mystery tours we usually arrange in the evenings, when the ghosts are more likely to appear. Learn more about the essential background of our history including topics as: The Infant Jesus of Prague – miraculous statue of Spanish origin. Mysteries of gothic cathedrals. Esoteric Prague, Freemasonry, Rose and Cross. Alchemists and astronomers in Prague. Ghosts and monsters.

If you like to explore the mysterious places of Prague, you can also visit: The Underground of the Town Hall, burial crypts under the church, WW2 shelter, Prague cemeteries, legendary Vyšehrad castle with the cemetery for prominent Czechs.

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