“Travel with fun”

Duration: 2-3 hours

The entire tour is tailored for the kids (games, cards, questions, fun activities, snacks), grownups get the basic information.


If you do not mind spending another 9USD per hour extra, we strongly recommend and we can arrange a FRIENDLY AU-PAIR LADY – who will care about your kids during the entire tour. She is fluent in English and has previous experience with english speaking natives. We will send you her picture and CV.
Adults will have the informative personal tour with our proffesional guide + there will be a kids loving local, who will tell them about Prague in the entertining way, with pictures and games. If your kids feel comfortable with her, they can stay a few minutes longer at the playground, kids toy museum, ice cream stand, restaurant with the kids corner etc. … while you can explore some art museum or architectural monument. You can easily stay in touch via local mobile phones of your guide and au-pair.
Please let us know ahead, so we can prepare the arrangements and both guides can coordineate the details. THANK YOU! We cannot guarantee this service for last minute requestments.


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